Luca Angius - Dhyano

Welcome to a world of abstract photography reimagined by Luca Angius, known in the creative realm as Dhyano. Based in the artistic haven of St. Ives, Cornwall, UK, Luca Angius is an Abstract Photography Artist, Performer, and Creative Producer. 
In this portfolio you'll find a stunning collection of unaltered, pure abstract photography. Each image captures the essence of the moment as it naturally occurred, free from digital manipulation. These images serve as a visual chronicle of the uniqueness found in the everyday, offering a fresh perspective on the mesmerizing abstractions that often go unnoticed in our surroundings.
Luca's distinctive approach to photography extends beyond capturing the moment; it's a form of artistic alchemy. On occasion, he leaves his signature on the subject, transforming it into a dadaist work of art, like a visual ready-made. This artistic process brings attention to aspects of reality that frequently escape the hurried gaze of passers-by.

For interior design businesses seeking to infuse spaces with distinctive, thought-provoking artwork, Luca's abstract photography offers a wealth of possibilities. Each piece carries a unique story and visual depth, perfect for elevating interior design projects and creating a lasting impact.
All images in this portfolio are available for purchase through the shop. Our user-friendly process makes it easy to select and secure the ideal print. Simply copy the title and click on the image to be redirected to our shop. Choose the size and print type that aligns with your design vision, paste the title in the designated box, and complete your purchase with confidence, as our secure payment system is powered by Square. Please contact me directly for B2B deals.
Elevate your interior design projects with the captivating, unfiltered beauty of Luca Angius' abstract photography. Embrace the unique and the mesmerizing in the everyday, and let it transform your spaces into works of art.